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"Erin Motor Home Schooling"
"Emily Motor Home Schooling"
"Awesome History Lesson"
"Emily does her math in Austin"
"Looking at History"
"Touching History"
"Official Junior Rangers"
"Working on Junior Ranger books"
"'Well, you appear to have the right stuff to be Junior Rangers . . . '"
"Junior rangers taking their oath at the Grand Canyon"
"'I promise to use my Junior Ranger superpowers to protect America's
National Parks . . .'"
"Desert archeology . . . '
Neat! the tibulamaximus of a amphimacrosauros!'"
"Workbooking in the back bedroom"
"NancyDrewing at Palmdale's Panera Bread"
"A Las Vegas vitamin factory -- somehow not as exciting as the M&M
store was.  Hmmm."
"Cool!  Freshly hatched vitamin E."