Colorado Springs,
Colorado Springs I
Colorado Springs II
Our RV Park
Pike's Peak
Santa's Workshop
Garden of the Gods
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The Pictures
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a view from Pike's Peak
Big Beluga in the Rockies
Emily feeling a bit dizzy at 14,000+ feet
Erin recovering from her fainting spell at 14,000+ feet (Advice from
the paramedic:  "get back down to the tree line")
Clockwise (sort of):  Emily, Katy, Jon, Ian, Ted, Kathleen, Erin,
Ben, & Susan
Ian enjoying his last piggyback ride (Cousin Ben, we're told, has
nearly recovered)
Jon enjoying his big sister, Susan
Gardens of . . .
Images of . . .
. . . the Gods
Emily and Cousin Katie at Santa's Village
"It's time this rock goes down!"
"but I thought you lived in the North Pole . . ."
Erin & Ian get scrambled