Sedona I
Sedona II
Our RV Park (Distant Drummer RV Park)
Coconino National Forest
We had an awesome dinner at the Oaxaca Restaurant
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The Pictures
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"We FINALLY find the perfect ladder and -- wouldn't you know it? --
we've got  no place to store it!"
"Red Rock Country:  How many faces can you count?"
"'Bell Rock'"
"Snoopy Rock"
"A family hike . . . "
"'The Courthouse'"
"red rocks . . ."
"on Huckaby Trail . . ."
"through the beautiful"
"of Sedona . . ."
"and dry creek bottoms . . ."
"as the sun began to set"
"and the breeze chilled . . . as the night-creatues began to stir . . . "
"and the Hansons... got lost."
"and the shadows grew long"
"Two hours later:  'Hello, Is this Bob's Taxi Service?'"