Where in the world is this Koala?
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MARCH and APRIL 2004
Part TWO
"Where in the world is Happy?"
"Where in the world are Sandy and Gordo?"
Answer:  Tombstone;
Winner: Stacia Bartolo
White Sands National Monument; Winner: Steffanie Brian
"Where in the world is Happy?"
"Where in the world is Big Glen, and what in the world is everyone looking at?"
Answer: San Diego Zoo (looking at koalas); Winner: Madison Hall
Answer: Tombstone
Winner Stacia Bartolo
"Where in the world are Augustine and Ponce de Leon? (Note: no koalas were harmed in the taking of this picture)
"Where in the world is Carmen?"  (Come on!  This is an easy one!)
Answer:  San Diego (Little Italy)
Winner: Tony Phillips
Answer:  Saguara National Park in southern Arizona
Winners: the Bond Family